Sufficient Arc Height

Players and coaches have difficulty achieving their desired arc. Not only do they lack a guide to a sufficient arc, they simply don?t know what a sufficient arc is. The shooting window guides shooters to a sufficient arc height necessary for optimum results. A ?sufficient? arc height maximizes the net-able area of the rim. It is a real miracle to hit every roll But however, professional players hit almost every roll.

A sufficient arc height depends on three major factors: shot distance, ball size, and the height at which the shooter releases the ball. The greater the shot distance or release point, the more arc height necessary for optimum results. Window Height & Position Charts, accompanying the Shooting Window, provide the geometrically calculated window heights necessary for any shot distance, ball size, and/or player height.

Net-able Area
An insufficient arc height can greatly reduce the area within the rim where a net can occur. Too low of an arc would eliminate the possibility of a net altogether. The Recommended Minimum Information - Window Height (RMWH) provides the most net-able area for your arc height. Shooting higher than RMWH is beneficial and recommended so long as the basketball player is physically comfortable. However, the net-able area increased is minimal compared to the net-able area decreased by shooting lower.

The graphic below shows how much the arc height affects the net-able area of the rim.

graphic represents 6ft shooter from 15ft shot distance

As shown, an arc height only 6in below the RMWH completely depletes the net-able area from 60% to an impossible ?all net? result.

In comparison, an arc height only 6in above the RMWH increases the net-able area by only 9%.

Also, the graphic shows a 100% net-able area can be obtained from an arc height 4½ft higher than RMWH. This arc is unreasonably high to attain with a comfortable release. Although the net-able area gained by shooting higher than RMWH can be substantial, it is minimal in comparison to the area lost by shooting lower than RMWH.

Therefore, achieving at least an arc height that satisfies the RMWH is essential for resulting in ?all net?.

The Shooting Window ensures practice with a sufficient arc height necessary for all-net results. The ?all net? results found with high percentage shooters, can be developed by practicing with the Shooting Window. Results have shown that the percentage of ?all net? shots drastically increased when using the Shooting Window.

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