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The Shooting Window provides the answer to accuracy. Developing accuracy requires developing your shooting mechanics and muscle memory. By providing an arc to a successful shot, the Shooting Window guides you to successful shooting mechanics. In other words, you are given a good shot from which you develop your mechanics from. It sounds literally, but not everything is so simple We are used to the fact that every time we see the game everything seems simple.

Repetition develops muscle memory, regardless if your shot is successful or not. Finding some success with a low arcing shot will only allow development of shooting mechanics and muscle memory for some success. By using the, you match your shooting mechanics to a successful result, a sufficient and consistent path to ?all net?.

click Without vs. With Shooting Window for a comparison chart of the shooting mechanics developed throughout different ability levels.

Before the Shooting Window, poor shooting mechanics are too easily developed and too difficult to overcome.

When young beginner?s first develop their shot, whether being taught proper shooting mechanics or not, they lack muscle strength and can?t resist shooting from out-of-range. They almost always develop bad mechanics such as pushing the ball from the hip or chest, or even throwing the ball from behind their head. This is only the beginning development of bad mechanics.

By pushing the ball from the hip, they train their muscles to extend their arms lower than they should, outward more than upward. A low arm extension prevents full elbow extension and little, or no, flick of the wrist; which is commonly recognized as not following-through.

In addition to the poor mechanics resulting in a low arcing shot with little chance of success, the muscles will have to be re-trained for proper shooting mechanics. Much more practice is needed to overcome the muscle memory of poor shooting mechanics. Usually inconsistent shooting mechanics and even worst accuracy occurs before the proper shooting mechanics are developed.

The Shooting Window develops and improves shooting mechanics.

By encouraging a sufficient arc with the Shooting Window, beginner?s have to direct the ball upward with good arc, optimum for success. Proper muscles and shooting mechanics will naturally be developed from the start. Because the ball must be directed upward, the strength properly comes from their legs? down & up motion, back, shoulders, and upward arm extension. The upward arm extension further promotes full elbow extension and flick of the wrist. With these basic, crucial mechanics as a foundation for their shooting, they will much more easily recognize the affect and develop other shooting mechanics such as: elbow-in alignment, follow-through, hand & foot position, and others.

The Shooting Window will also improve your shooting mechanics. Whether extending range, perfecting a shot, or overcoming the inconsistent or incorrect mechanics, the adjustable window size allows you to progressively re-train or develop your muscles as needed. The Shooting Window provides a consistent, or progressively more consistent, path desired from which your shooting mechanics will improve.

Practice makes permanent. Practicing with the Shooting Window makes perfection.


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