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The shooter places the apparatus according to the geometrically formulated Window Height and Position Chart accompanying the Shooting Window. The basketball player shoots while focusing on shooting mechanics and aiming at the rim. The Shooting Window ( deflects inconsistent and insufficient arcing shots and allows the shooter to recognize, and correct the faulty shooting mechanics. Through continued practice with a window size deflecting only a few shots, the basketball player subconsciously repeats a comfortable and correct release. As muscle memory and strength progress, the window size or position can be adjusted to develop greater accuracy or range. The newest methods and systems we have for training, here. We want all the skills involved in training.

Apparatus placement
The Window Height and JOOM will provide you with the location and height for the Shooting Window for any shot distance you choose to practice. The portable base and telescopic upright allow for easy adjustment and positioning.

A good window size to reinforce shooting mechanics is one which 10 to 20 deflections occur during a 100 shot practice session. Through continued practice with a window size deflecting only a few shots, the basketball player repeats a comfortable and correct release. Subconsciously, the shooter develops more precise mechanics. Upon less number of deflections, an Adjustment Guide will recommend the next Shooting Window settings for progressively improving your mechanics even more.

Adjustment Guide
The Adjustment Guide, accompanying the Shooting Window, is an easy to follow decision chart recommending the Shooting Window height and size adjustments as you get started or progress to greater accuracy. 10 to 20 deflections for a 100 shot practice session is a comfortable, non-discouraging, result to continue practice and develop recurring shooting mechanics. Any more or any less would be suitable for window height and size adjustment.



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