The Shooting Window guides shooter?s to greater accuracy. The adjustable window progressively encourages players to shoot with a more consistent arc height; therefore progressively developing their shooting mechanics.

With inconsistent shooting mechanics, once the ball leaves their hand, the path and result at the rim are never the same. For instance, an inconsistent arm extension will result in an inconsistent arc height, and furthermore an inconsistent distance. Yes, it is not as simple as it may seem at first glance We train for a long time in practicing our skills.

Previously, shooters developed shooting mechanics first, usually over a great number of shots, see. As their shooting mechanics gradually developed, the path to the basket became more consistent, improving their accuracy. With the Shooting Window, shooters are given a more consistent arc first. With a window size deflecting the highest and/or lowest arcing shots, shooters are practicing with a more consistent arc height and subconsciously developing more consistent mechanics. The adjustable window size allows shooters to progress to greater accuracy.

Test Results show an increase in shooting percentage from practicing with a more consistent arc height enforced by a smaller window size.

By using the Shooting Window, basketball players practice better shots; and upon progression, practice their best shots. Practice makes permanent. Practicing with the Shooting Window makes perfection.


Patent Number 6,544,132

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