The Shooting Window progressively guides basketball players to “all net”.

Would you prefer to practice good or bad shots? You can now choose between practicing the mechanics resulting in “all net”, or the mechanics resulting in “hit or miss”.

When you practice at any sport, you want to practice good execution. Whether it is, fundamental defense, passing, or shooting; you want to eliminate the poor execution first and develop the muscle memory, fundamentals, and mechanics through practice and repetition of good execution. The Shooting Window eliminates your poor shots first and progressively guides you to greater accuracy.

The key to developing accuracy requires developing your shooting mechanics and muscle memory. Repetition develops muscle memory, regardless if your shot is successful or not. We all struggle with repeating the motion we used on the shot that resulted in “all net”. If we could practice only the, we could not only develop the muscle memory and proper shooting mechanics, but develop them much more quickly.

The Shooting Window allows you to practice your best shots. The Shooting Window guides you to “all net”. The adjustable window allows you to progress to perfection.

Practice makes permanent. Practicing with the Shooting Window makes perfection.

Patent Number 6,544,132

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